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What is cash flow?

The Flow Ebook Free Download

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Simply defined, cash flow refers to the revenues a business generates (and collects) compared to the expenses it pays out over a fixed period of time.Broadly speaking, businesses bring in money through sales, financing and returns on investments. They also spend money on supplies and services, as well as utilities, taxes and other bills.

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Cash flow problems affect many businesses.The data backs it up: According to a survey,three out of every five businesses experience cash flow problems. Still, while cash flow problems are not uncommon, businesses owners are better off doing whatever they can to avoid them altogether.Download this free ebook and you'll learn cash flow basics, how to build a cash flow statement for your business, and the best ways to manage your cash flow.

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The benefits of positive cash flow

Businesses that master cash flow management can:
  • Pay their bills. Positive cash flow ensures employees get checks each payroll cycle. It also gives decision makers the funds they need to pay suppliers, creditors and the government.
  • Invest in new opportunities. Today’s business world moves quickly. When cash is readily available, business owners can invest in opportunities that may arise at any given point in time.
  • Stomach the unpredictable. Having access to cash means that whenever equipment breaks, clients don’t pay their invoices on time or new government regulations come into effect, businesses can survive.

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The Flow Ebook Free Download

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