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Prepare yourself for an epic battle of wits and strategy with the Boom Beach game now available free on PC. Using EmulatorPC’s patented Android Wrapping System, you can now experience those epic battles at the comfort of your computer. Say goodbye to the gameplay issues common to third-party emulators and hello to seamless android gaming on PC. Take your gaming experience to a whole new level by downloading Boom Beach PC on your computer today.

Boom Beach– for those new to the title– shares the “defend and attack” gameplay mechanics of Clash of Clans. Despite the resemblance in gameplay, Boom Beach is not a clone or a reskinned game. This is because Supercell made the effort to pack the game with a modern warfare-themed narrative, features, and original designs. Also, Boom Beach does not have a “clan” feature or any player-to-player communication system. Boom Beach also employs the use of a binary loot system. It means that players must destroy the headquarters to achieve 100% loot or nothing at all.

Boom Beach PC is the unblocked PC optimized version exclusively offered by EmulatorPC. If you are new or a veteran Boom Beach player looking to play the game on your PC, then this is the version for you.

Splatter beach game download

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The Most Powerful Military Task Force

To play Boom Beach on your PC, you need to download and install the version featured on this page. just follow the download instructions on this page and you are good to go. Moving forward, the game will take you straight to your island right after you open the application. Like any other games out there, the game will ask you to input your username followed immediately by the tutorial phase. The main tutorial in Boom Beach provides interactive instructions on the basic mechanics of the game. The tutorial will teach you about the basics of defense, base-building, troop production, resource management, and offensive strikes. A quick tip: it is highly recommended for new players not to rush the tutorial phase to avoid being stuck in the future.

To that end, now that you already know the basic mechanics of the game, it’s time to put your learning to the test by downloading Boom Beach PC on your computer today.

Boom Beach PC Gameplay Features

  • Easy-to-Learn Gameplay Mechanics
  • Intense Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Highly Detailed Maps and Characters
  • Task Force and Coop Missions

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Splatter Beach Download For Pc Free

To start using this program, simply download any selected Apps Installer. It will then install both the game and the wrapper system into your system, and create a shortcut on your desktop. Controls have been pre-defined in the current version for the time being, control setting varies per game.

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Our system now supported by 32 and 64 bit.

All Boom Beach materials are copyrights of Supercell. Our software is not developed by or affiliated with Supercell.

Splatterhouse 2 was a hack 'n' slash hit last year. Naturally, Namco's following up its success with a sequel, Splatterhouse 3. The formula is the same as the original -- only there's more of everything. More levels, more beat-em-up moves...and more blood and guts.


The Evil One's back for more messy fun and games. This time he's sent his bunch o' blobs to infest Rick and Jennifer's new mansion. In the process, the ghouls captured Rick's wife, Jennifer, and their son, David. Now, Rick's got to don his Mask and do some spring cleaning.

Splatterhouse 3 takes Splatterhouse 2's linear game play and gives it a gut-wrenching twist. Sure, the action's still side-scrolling, but now you get to choose your route through the game. The adventure begins on the first floor of the mansion. As Rick, you start there and clear the ghoul-infested rooms in any order. A quick glance at your handy map shows that a bloody 'X' marks the location of each floor's end-level boss, your ultimate destination.

The game play's simple: You have to punch, kick, and whack the green pus out of all the nasties you encounter, annihilate the end boss, and trek to the next floor. Just to up the ante, there's a time limit. You can still clear the level if time runs out, but if the bosses get hungry waiting for you, they'll have a little snack. If this happens, what's left of your loved one's not a pretty sight. Make it through all six creep-infested floors and you face the Evil One in all-out bloody (and we mean bloody) fisticuffs.


  • It's very important to study the Mansion Map and figure out the best route. The dock stops while you're scanning.
  • Toss all your opponents to one side of the screen. That way, one final punch will do in the whole bunch.

Blood and Guts Galore

This game's gory graphics will give you the creeps, and probably make horror flick fans feel right at home. Splatter- house's best wackos and weirdos line up to take a shot at you in living color. Big blobs of goo rush at you. Incredibly detailed severed hands fall from the ceiling. Other critters look like giant, bloody internal organs, and several lose their heads only to reveal bloody, multi-pronged tongues. To make matters even more oozy, most creatures gush green pus when you pummel them. Great cinema sequences appear throughout the game as the story develops, and the endings change depending on how well you do.

Hauntingly good tunes keep up the intense pace and fit extremely well with the images. You actually feel pained when Rick roars in agony, and you won't forget the Boreworm Boss's creepy laughter for days -- and nights.

  • Throw one opponent into two others to take 'em all down.
  • Take out sliding creatures first. If you don't, they trip you up and make you lose your balance with other opponents.

Movin' and Groovin'

Rick's apparently been hangin' with the World Warriors, 'cuz he's got new SFII-style moves, such as a Roundhouse Kick and a vicious head butt. He can also use various button- press sequences to activate cool Super Moves. The controls are easy to learn. Although they're more complicated than your standard hack 'n' slash, they're not nearly as tricky as an SFII-style game.

In addition to his regular moves, Rick can now pick up Blue Orbs for a temporary power-up. These strength- building balls increase Rick's power bar, buff him up, give him a new look, and arm him with special moves he can activate at any time. The beefed-up Rick can knock down his opponents in half the time, and he can use his special moves to blow his opponents off the screen.

In addition to all his fancy footwork, Rick still depends on his tried and true method of defense: Grab any old brick, two by four, or bat you see lying around and whack your foes with it.

  • Don't fight monsters off-screen or they'll have an unfair advantage.
  • Use your Roundhouse kick to best the slippery, slimy Boreworm Boss.

Even though Rick's got some groovy new moves, the Evil One's gang will slash through his two lives quicker than you can sharpen your axe. Even so, adjustable challenge, unlimited continues and a password system make Splatterhouse 3 better than the original. If you beat each floor with one minute or more left on the clock, you enter a bonus round. There Rick can pick up extra lives in the form of books, increase his health bar with beating hearts (and these hearts don't look like valentines), and augment his power by picking up little Blue Orbs.

Splitty Splat

Splatter Beach Game Download

It rarely gets bloodier than this -- and that's one reason why this sequel will be so popular. Splatterhouse 3's got a high 'gross out' factor and lots of not-so-dean fun. Just like any good horror movie, there are enough thrills and chills here to keep you riveted to your seat. This game is good to the last splat!

Splatter Beach Download

Overall rating: 9.5