Roland Jd 800 Vst Download

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A demo of expansion 'PRE 01 - Astral 880' for Infinityhttp://www.irishacts.com

These VST plugins are not really “close emulation” but all these VST synths are inspired by the Roland JP-8000 and try to emulate the famous “supersaw” sound.
Let’s go trance :

Roland Jd 800 Vst Download

1. Superwave P8 VSTi

Freeware download :

The best free VST synth for supersaw like sounds, the good old Superwave P8.
Don’t forget to check out the presets : Yazoo Synth, Jean Michel Jarre creamy pads, Van Halen Jump sound, Europe Final Countdown Lead, Chariot Of Fire Synth , they’re all here!

Trance demo:

2. GFP Beta VST by Naska

GFP Beta VST : supersaw for all

Free VST from Japan, with five oscillators and detune for all !
Supersaw guarantee, ideal for heavy leads.

Trance demo:

3. TranceDrive by Maik Menz

download for Windows :

This VSTi was created with Synthmaker, it features a saw7 waveform : the supersaw with 7 detunable sub oscillators.

phat trance!

4. Lallapalloza Lite VST by Buzzroom

Roland Jd 800 Vst Download Free

Lallapallooza ! VST

direct download and info

The osc1 has a “supersaw” type. The synth also include an arpeggiator.

Trance demo :

5. Pterosaur VST by Contralogic

Roland Jd 800 Vst Download Crack

This one is inspired by the JP-8000 supersaw. It has 16 oscillator you can detune and pan.
The possibility to set 4 differents notes for each group of 4 oscillators make it a nice “chord stab” VST synth !

Roland Vst Crack

trance demo :