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Give your customers a seamless checkout experience when they transact on your website.

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Helping Businesses Grow

About PayWay App. PayWay is a solution for payment gateway integration for any android application. The user will have 4 integrated payment gateways in 'One Application' only. It is having PayUMoney, Razorpay, Stripe and Braintree Integrated. You can easily integrate any of the payment gateways in your application.


Powering 4.5 lakh+ businesses with unique payment solutions.

100+ Payment Options for Your Customers

Let your customers choose from multiple payment options, anywhere, anytime.

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip
  • HDFC Debit Card **** 4825
  • HDFC Credit Card **** 5776
  • Amex Business Card **** 21001

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip

Choose a payment option

Pay₹ 16,667 to Makemytrip


75+ Banks


15 Wallets

Buy Now Pay later

Lazypay, Ola postpaid

Accept International Payments

Get paid from customers outside India in 100+ foreign currencies.

Asi payumoney

World Class Security

We work very hard to provide the highest grade security to you with our time-tested security engine. Our security protocols run deep encryption to protect your customer and transaction data from potential attacks.

Start Integrating Payment Gateway Now!

Give your developers production ready designs which are compatible with all the latest tools in the market.

  • Ready to use Documents
  • Web libraries
  • API reference
  • Test environments
  • Plug & Play
  • Responsive designs
  • var RequestData = {
  • key:'rjQUPktU',
  • txnid:'123456789'
  • hash:'defdfaadgerhetiwerer',
  • amount: '100',
  • email:'[email protected]',
  • surl:'',
  • furl:''
  • }
  • var Handler = {
  • responseHandler: function(BOLT){
  • // payment response code
  • },
  • catchException: function(BOLT) {
  • // integration errors handling
  • }
  • }

Integrate our Payment Gateway on Different Platforms

Choose between different platforms to integrate our payment gateway and start collecting payments instantly.

Integrate with…Website
Integrate with…Mobile AppCordova

Unique Checkout Experience for your customers

Our checkout UI comes in many shapes and sizes. It works seamlessly on any device size or shape.

Collect payments without redirection

Choose from multiple ways to show the checkout UI to your customers.

Faster Payments with Best Success Rates

Our “Quick Payments” option and “Smart Recommendations” not only shows the most used payment option to the customer but also suggest them the best payment method by evaluating all the options for high success rate. Enable your customers to make payments quickly and efficiently.

  • HDFC Credit Card ****4823
  • Cards (Credit/Debit)
  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • Wallet

Designed For Your Brand

Leave the checkout page customization to us. Our Checkout UI is built to automatically pick your brand colors. Now your checkout page will always resemble your brand.

Powerful Dashboard to Manage your Transactions

Check daily transactions and settlement details, generate instant refunds, access all payment features from a single dashboard. What’s more? Create unique access and views for all team members. It can’t get better than this.

We couldn’t have asked for a better payment partner than PayU

After integrating PayU, we have noticed a significant drop in issues during checkout, owing to their amazing team who work round the clock. Ironing out the kinks has helped faster and smoother transactions resulting in more users purchasing gift cards from our platform.

Better success rates for transactions

PayU has provided extensive support in making a customised end-to-end solution for us with super-fast routing which has led to better success rates for transactions.

One Payment Gateway for all your business needs

  • 100+ payment options
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Best Success Rate
  • Supports All Devices
  • 24x7 Integration Support
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No Coding • No Developer • No Setup Fee • Secure
Collect payments via Professional Invoices

  • Send invoices on the go
    Create invoices from your phone and send them instantly by WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Email and other chat applications

  • Itemise your Invoice
    You can add items in your invoice and let your customers know what they are paying for.

  • GST Compliant
    You can add GST to the items in the invoice and let the app calculate it for you

  • Customers can pay using any online payment method
    Your customers can pay you using Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI and even Wallets.

  • Track Payments Easily
    Mange your transactions, refunds and settlements from a single dashboard

Checkout UI

PayU’s readymade Checkout UI fits seamlessly with your App and automatically displays your logo & brand colors without requiring any customization.

You can custom select features on both Android and iOS, that suits your business needs

Features on Android SDK

  • Instant KYC & Online activation

  • All payment options available

  • No monthly collection limit

  • Customers clicks on the link to pay

  • Track payments easily

  • 24X7 Intergration support

  • World Class Security

Step 1
  • Create your account

Step 2
Step 3

Payumoney Demo

  • Share payment Invoice with customers: Use WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Email, Instagram etc.

Step 4
  • After customer pays, payment comes to your bank in 3 working days.

Transactions Management

Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard. Download reports across data segments or view real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.

Track payment Status

get a status update of the payment being made or in process. You can even resend it if the customer requires it .

Management on the go

View your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements real time from your mobile app and make business decisionss immediately.

Dynamic Notifications:

PayUmoney’s notification system allows you to be always informed about important events and take actions on the go.


Payumoney Integration

  • Free Setup

  • Free Annual Maintenance

  • Only Pay Per Transactions

  • *Applicable till SEP, 2019
  • *GST as applicable
  • *1% extra on Amex