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PaperPort 14 Download Software is the latest release of the very popular scanning and document management software product featuring PaperPort Anywhere a new cloud-based service enabling anytime/anywhere access to files, from computers, iOS and Android devices. Paperport 14 Download is the latest version of PaperPort Standard. PaperPort 14 Download Software is now available to download and buy.

PaperPort 14 is the fastest and easiest way to scan, share, search, and organize documents, files, and photos. PaperPort 14 on your PC now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files however it’s convenient for you -- using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.Free

BURLINGTON, Mass., – Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, today introduced PaperPort® Professional 14, the newest release of the world’s most popular scanning and document management application for Microsoft® Windows.

PaperPort 14 expands on the capabilities most valued by its millions of loyal users: fast and simple scanning, easy-to-use document organization, robust support for PDF, and connectivity to network folders and applications. The new release also includes significant innovations that place PaperPort 14 at the center of two significant trends driving increases in personal and business productivity – mobile devices and cloud computing.

Scanning is made faster and easier through new Scan-and-Open additions to One-Click scanning, supporting nearly any TWAIN, WIA and ISIS scanning device. Resulting scanned pages are higher quality due to enhancements in image processing, and OCR (optical character recognition) accuracy has been increased by up to 34%. Nuance has also included PDF-MRC compression with the product, which creates industry-standard PDF files that are eight times smaller than regular image PDF files without compression. The product’s ability to organize paper and digital documents is greatly enhanced through new folder views, support for Windows right-click actions and support for Windows 7 jump-lists.

Among the most significant innovations in the new release is the ability to connect with over 20 cloud services, including Google® Docs and Evernote®, as well as integration with the new Nuance PaperPort Anywhere cloud and mobile service. PaperPort Anywhere lets users automatically store their desktop documents in the cloud, and access those documents via PaperPort 14 on Windows, through web browsers, and using free apps for the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and Google Android devices.

“PaperPort 14 is prized by millions of users because it quickly turns piles of paper into organized digital documents, and because it is a better way to organize and use all of your PC files,” said Robert Weideman, General Manager and Senior Vice President for the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “The new release will make people even more organized and productive, and turns PaperPort into the universal desktop for documents and files in the cloud. There never has been an easier way to scan, organize and use all of your documents.”

PaperPort 14 Key Enhancements and New Features

  • Faster, Easier and Better Scanning: PaperPort 14 expands on its One-Click scanning by adding new Scan & Open and automatic file naming and folder placement capabilities. PaperPort Scan Enhancement Tools have been expanded to automatically remove black borders and three-hole punch artifacts, and implements new auto-crop and auto de-speckling capabilities. The product also increases OCR accuracy by up to 34%.
  • PaperPort Anywhere and Cloud Connectors: PaperPort 14 is the Microsoft Windows desktop for the new PaperPort Anywhere service, which lets users automatically synchronize their desktop files in the cloud, and access those documents from Windows, Apple iPad, iPhone and Google Android devices. PaperPort 14 also includes Nuance Cloud Connectors, which provides users with connectivity to over 20 cloud services – making it easy to move files to and from the services, and providing powerful scanning and PDF capabilities to these services.
  • Expanded Support for PDF: PaperPort 14 creates PDF from any application, and has unmatched support for creating searchable PDF files, which benefit from PaperPort’s market-leading OCR accuracy. Nuance includes patented and industry-standard compressed PDF-MRC, delivering scanned files that are up to eight times smaller than alternatives.
  • Get Organized Fast: Organizing, finding and using documents is faster and easier than ever with new “Recently Viewed” and “Recently Scanned” navigation. PaperPort also now supports Windows right-click menus, a feature broadly requested by existing users. Users can now select files in PaperPort and use the same right-click shortcuts that are available in Windows Explorer. The product also takes advantage of Windows 7 features, including jump-lists, which provide a fast path to recent tasks.
  • PDF Hover Notes: In PaperPort 14 the PDF document thumbnails offer more information about PDF documents to save you time so you can focus on important tasks. A large information icon now appears in the upper left-hand corner of PDF document thumbnails, indicating the file contains keywords and descriptive text. Hover over the icon, and it displays the information without needing to open the file.
  • Network Document Access and Security: PaperPort 14 easily maps to network drives, and the new release locks files in use over the network, enhancing security and collaboration. With PaperPort on every desktop, it’s easy to implement centralized document sharing and storage.

Pricing and Availability

PaperPort 14 and PaperPort Professional 14 are available through Nuance’s global network of reseller partners. PaperPort 14 is $99 and PaperPort Professional 14 is $199 for individual users, with volume discounts available through the Nuance Open License Program. For additional information on PaperPort and PaperPort Anywhere, as well as pricing and volume licensing programs, please visit or call (800) 443-7077.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A computer with an Intel® Pentium®, newer or equivalent processor.
  • Microsoft Windows® XP 32-bit (SP3 or above), Windows Vista™ 32- or 64-bit (SP2 or above), Windows 7.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
  • 512 MB of memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended.
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space for application files, plus 20 MB working space during installation.
  • SVGA monitor with 256 colors, but preferably 16-bit color (called Medium Color in XP and Vista) and at least 800 x 600 pixel resolutions.
  • Windows-compatible pointing device.
  • Paperport Free Download Brother Printer

  • CD-ROM drive for installation.
  • Web connection for activation and web update.
  • Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements.

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