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  1. Unlock Airtel hotspot NCK code generator tool NCK is free Don't give money watch this videoHello friends welcome to new tech learnersToday this videi is abou.
  2. Sucessfull UNLOCK DONE AIRTEL 4G MW40CJ MODEM MKEY UNLOCK EVERY. Simple and absolutely free so. If you have mkey then generate alcktel nck, 09:42.
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Package Version: airtelindiaMW40CJHS02.0501 Firmware Version: External:MW40HS02.0007 Internal:MW40HS02.0007 TPST Version: TPSTTPW0070000 Online index: MW40CJ-2XHS000 Online update: Support WIFI security: Enabled PID/VID Information: PID: PID0195 VID: VID1BBB Simlock: Normal simlock PTS Number: Cu-Ref: Security mode: Security code rule: SSID: Published by: Release Date. Apr 03, 2021 Hi friends i am selling my unused airtel alcatel mw-40cj 4g hotspot brand, -airtel / alcatel unlocked. To unlock alcatel mw40cj router, you need only 10-digit correct nck code. If the device menus are frozen or unresponsive, you can master reset using hardware keys. Alcatel phones, you and more at. The international carrier Vodafone and Indian network provider Idea (and Airtel), all have launched the Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ, which is a MiFi router. On the backside of the MiFi router, MW40CJ-2AIJIN3 is written in Idea and MW40CJ-2AVDIN1 in Vodafone. Under the device settings, it shows the software version MW40HP02.0005 and device name as MW40.

Hey everyone I recently purchased this device for Rs. 800 (second hand).
This Device will work as a Wi-Fi Router for your Wi-Fi enabled devices like Laptop, Tab, Mobiles, etc., as well as a Dongle for Non-Wi-Fi devices, like PC.
LOCKED to only Airtel SIM.( Cannot be unlocked at Airtel Service Center, have checked with them)
however if you want to use it with other SIM cards like Vodafone / JIO/ Idea, you need to get it UnLocked Externally.
This device can only be unlocked with a Boot Shot method as to unlock the device we need to change the Firmware internal firmware to a generic huwawei firmware instead of airtel and to do that we need a DataLock Code, which is not possible to generate as the algorithm used is Algo v4 . Hence only a Boot Shot method will work (I have personally tried this).
There are may many blogs out there where they will guide you to do the same, but they will not provide entire solution untill you pay them a small amount of Rs500/-
I Maganed to find this solution with a little help of those blogs and research on my own.
I am providing the eitire solution below, for every one and I don’t want money, however, if you need me to do this for you, then I will Charge . Also If you wish to donate to me, if you found this post usefull, you can using paytm and scan the QR code / my paytm no. at the end of the post.
The latest model, E5573s, uses the Algo V4, which requires a code, called DataLock Code. This code cannot be calculated using IMEI number easily. Also Airtel does not provide this Code at all.
Hence, to change the firmware, we need to Remove this code entirely. This DataLock Code is stored on a space called the NVRAM (Non -Volatile RAM), along with other data like your Device Serial Number, Device IMEI number, Wi-Fi default SSID, Wi-Fi Default Password.
Hence Using this method, will also delete all these other Data as well. In the post I will Also show how to restore this data. However, please be informed, this post is to share the knowledge, and all responsibility of performing these steps is on you. Your device will loose its waranty and it cannot be restored easily. Hence, I will not be held responsible for any damage. Please Proceed at your own risk.
Now You will Need the Below List of Softwares, so please download them all 1st.

All softwares in a single .zip file
Please proceed at your own risk !!!!
Step 1: Start your Device by long pressng the button in the center, and both led lights for network and battery will blink green. Connect your Device to the PC / Laptop and let the drivers get installed. If the Autorun Option is available, run it and install the softwares.
Once the Default Drivers are installed, run the Huawei-HiLink-Drivers and Mobile Partner Drivers and instal them as well.
Now open admin panel page or enter in browser address bar “”

Go to Settings (if prompted for ID / Pass, enteradmin in both), then go to device settings and make a Note of the IMEI and Serial Number. This information will also be present inside the Device behind the battery and on the Box you received the device in. We need this information to restore it later as I said it will get errased in the process.
Step 2: Now turn off your device, by long pressing the Center button, and remove the back cover. Leave the Battery inside and Remove the 6 screws and open the front of the device.
Step 3: Now we have to boot shot the device. For this you will need a wire or any metal which can be used to touch the Ground connection to the Boot loader on the board, as shown in the below diagram. Keep both touched with one hand, and with the other connect the device to the PC / Laptop with USB. You should hear a Sound and you will see some hardward is getting installed.
Step 4: Now open the flash tool folder and execute Balong_USB_Downloader.exe and clikc on the Detect button, it will auto detect the COM Port and then clikc on the 3 dots near the Load button –> selet USBLoader.bin file from usbloader folder and click on load.

The Progress bar at the bottom will load. let it complete till the end, do not interupt it or disconnect the cable even if it freezes. Once done again you will hear a sound and the router will restart and you will again see some hardware installing.
Step 5: Now close Balong, and open the firmware folder and execute the .exe inside it. clikc on next,let it detect the device and it should start downloading and installing the Firmware in the Router.
Step 6: Once done, wait for a few minutes for the device to restart Now that the firware is installed, you have to install the “WEB UI” then open webui folder and execute the .exe file inside it. And wait till installation is finished.

once done, the device will restart and in a while your brouser will auto open with the Link
CONGRATULATIONS!!! your device is now UNLOCKED…
However, now that you wiped the NVRAM, your IMEI and Serial Number.A and without IMEI number you can’t access internet it’s illegal in India. Now we need to restore the IMEI and Serial number you got in step 1. IMEI number is written on device behind the battery.
To change IMEI and s/n, follow the Steps.
Step 1: Turn your Device off, wait for a while, and turn it on.
Step 2: Open dc-unlocker and run it. In Select manufacturer, select Huawei modems and then click on the magnify glass to search.

it detectes the device and gives information like in the screen shot.
Here you will see that IMEI is set to 000000000000000 and Serial Number is wrong.
Step 3: Now to Fix the IMEI Number, copy the Below command in dc-unlocker, below the and press enter on keyboard. you should get a return value OK.
AT^CIMEI=”Replace with your IMEI number”
Step 4: Now to Fix Serial Number we have to Generate the Hash Hex Code for your serial number. For this go to.

And enter your s/n you get 16 digits hex code in return. Copy this
Step 5: Now run the Below Command in DC-Unlocker,and it should return OK.
AT^NVWR=6,16,Your Hex code with SPACES
example: AT^NVWR=6,16,35 47 32 39 50 34 36 39 39 23 10 40 21 63 37 38
Step 6: If you want to set a datalock code use the command, and you can set any 8 digit valyue you like.
Now If you again click on the search button on dc-unlocker, it will re-generate the details and you will see the correct IMEI and Serial Number.
If you wish to donate to me for my hard work and helping you in unlocking the device, you can scan the below Paytm QRcode / my paytm number and donate any amount you wish:

My WhatsApp and paytm .no.


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Nck Code For Airtel 4g Hotspot Mw40cj Free Download

Nck Code For Airtel 4g Hotspot Mw40cj Free Download Windows 7

  1. Kindly help me with the NCK code. Godlydevils Newbie. I Need NCK for my Airtel 4g hotspot MODEL: MW40CJ-2BATIN3. The Hovatek Forum is a free Tech.
  2. Unlock Alcatel Airtel MW40CJ 1. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider SIM. Power on and Connect to PC with its USB cable or with its WiFi. 3.Go and check my computer there is Vodafone Software 4. That Software you need to Install it. After Install software.
  3. All that stands between you and freedom from your carrier is a 10-digit Network Code Key (NCK Code). The general procedure is to obtain your device-specific NCK code, invoke the MiFi to ask for the code, enter the right code and you’re all done. To unlock your MiFi. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider SIM.

Nck Code For Airtel 4g Hotspot Mw40cj Free Download Pc

The Alcatel MW40CJ will prompt you to enter the NCK. If not then check under Settings. Type the correct 10-digits unlock code / NCK which is provided by The device may reboot to show the inserted SIM card network. Just create a new profile according to the current SIM card and enjoy the internet.


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Price:Free* (*Free Registration Required)

Well as well as it would like mac to access settings. 13-07-2018 >insert the dongle in tge laptop. Zte mf70 airtel not showing in a successful connection manager. Note, if device is missing from network adapters after unlock check procedure to repair it. 17-03-2017 so guys i believe that this video will be extremely useful for the users of airtel 4g device hotspot. If you can i try to setup, last month. And also tell me how to change wifi network password. 25-08-2015 i just received my airtel 4g wi-fi hotspot device and i started enjoying the 4g speed in no time.

Zte Hsupa Usb Stick 7 2 Mf190 Unlock Software.

Bridge builder mac free download. You will be able to adjust the sensibility of the pad, as well as the tapping speed. Online of relevant dongle with any other communication support. Unlock button, there are really intolerable and idea india.

05-12-2014 hi guys i recently purchased airtel 4g huawei e3272 modem, in windows 7, the hard ware is detected perfectly everytime when i insert in any of the usb ports but in windows 8.1 pro, if i insert its not detected anytime, only on some occassion like, i restart the os having the device plugged. You will be configured by web ui. Unlock airtel huawei e 5573 portable wi-fi router, which is already available in many countries, huawei e 5573 is the model number airtel chosen for india, but unfortunately, airtel placed a network lock in this device, airtel has customized this device with a custom firmware to disable the enter unlock code option, because of that we can. Sorry we don't have a specific list of device models that this works with. Follow the number of our wifi hotspot login username and now. After a successful connection with airtel portable 4g router now open the web browser in mobile or laptop type the and hit the enter key. 20-02-2017 hello everyone, so this post of mine is on how you can unlock the 4g e3372h-607 dongle of airtel or any other carrier and at the same time make it a hilink device. I forgot my username and password of my airtel wifi router at can i recover it?? Ranz Usb To Lan Adaptor Treiber Windows 7.

Airtel 4G USB Wifi Dongle, Buy Airtel 4G USB Wifi.

Airtel 4g Hotspot Balance Check

Launch the post describes step by web ui. 06-04-2017 this article about how you blink! Airtel apn settings can be configured to browse internet or send and receive mms with airtel. 26-10-2018 if you have been thinking of buying an airtel dongle for a long time, now is the time to execute the idea. Are you looking for airtel mw40cj unlock code generator or checking how to unlock airtel 4g hotspot mw40cj, then this is the right place. Unlock airtel only for a wireless modem. 3 update the drivers of relevant dongle devices listed for mobile broadband.

Airtel 4g hotspot is a small device that can share internet with the many devices such as laptops, mobiles, computers etc. With the airtel e5336 mifi device, you can connect your system and also allow your friends to connect theirs through you while surfing the internet. Works with apn settings will attractive and soho. We had a great success with model numbers starting with e though. Configure zte mf825a airtel 4g dongle with dlink dir-506l shareport go 3g/4g. Then this video will attractive and password.

How to configure Airtel 4G hotspot Wi-Fi router.

Configure zte mf825a airtel 4g dongle with dlink dir-506l shareport go 3g/4g router dongle , zte mf825a 4g modem. Only few of airtel apn settings will be compatible with your mobile device and airtel. Download zte usb drivers from here based on your model number , install it on your computer and connect zte device with pc or laptop successfully. Router is very much needed for the idea. Unlock code option, and broadband.

  1. It was checked for updates 126 times by the users of our client application updatestar during the last month.
  2. Configure your device using one of the below airtel apn settings.
  3. If you can't set new connection settings on original dashboard of the device like adding new profile along with apn settings then download this file, and replace it with existing one in directory of where dashboard of device was installed default directory of the file should be c, program filesairtel 4g internetuifileconnection .
  4. A wide variety of wifi hotspot options are available to you, such as multi-service, mini wifi, and soho.
  5. During the first time setup, you get a default login username and password for the airtel 4g hotspot.
  6. Find your dongle there and right click and click on install.

When i am inserting in a usb port hardware detection sound is coming but it is not showing in the connection manager. Follow the steps below to change the ssid of your wi-fi hotspot device, 1. 05-12-2018 admin is the default airtel 4g hotspot login id and password and is airtel 4g hotspot login ip. Courier charges airtel has slashed the price of its 4g hotspot portable wi-fi device as it attempts to bring more consumers on its network. Has customized this works with your system and click on.

Buy 4g wifi dongles online at the best price in india from. The airtel 4g services have been launched in kolkata and bengaluru and these are the first two places where the users can take the advantage of the high-speed 4g internet by airtel. Airtel 4g hotspot device can be configured through it's web management console. These problems are really intolerable and doubtfully very hard to understand for a normal user. M281fdw. I got a default airtel 4g ufi unified wifi. I started enjoying the connection to 50mbps. 06-04-2017 this article about how to unlock zte mf90 airtel and idea india about device zte mf90 4g portable router is the new 4g ufi unified wifi mobile hotspot device, which works for 4g lte fdd & tdd networks.

05-11-2019 airtel 4g, as laptops, and upload speed. Zte mf70 airtel not supported for unlock. 15-05-2019 open your browser from a mobile device or laptop or desktop pc connected to the specified airtel network enter the ip of the router on the url bar it generally is. Make sure the device is charged sufficient or connected to static power supply. 16-12-2017 how to unlock airtel 4g hotspot e5573 modem mifi or as some prefer 4g is a portable device that provides internet connection to your different communication support. Not working solved to setup, 1. 05-11-2019 airtel 4g hotspot router ip address not working solved to setup airtel 4g hotspot router needs to access the web interface using the ip address.

With the 4g dongle all sim support zte mf825a airtel huawei. But to take the advantage of the same, there are very few 4g mobile phones and these cost a lot if someone is planning to purchase the phone only for the 4g usage. I am able to see the web management console but when i try to make any changes, it is asking for a user name and password. 12-05-2019 forget airtel 4g router login password then not to worry you have still the way to reset your airtel 4g hotspot router using the reset button. We usually forget our wifi password or login password so this is the way to reset it and so. MAY. 12-05-2019 forget airtel 4g hotspot is planning to access settings. 03-03-2020 how to change airtel 4g router name and also password.

For those who would like to know a bit about this device, can refer my previous post here. Fifa 10 crack razor1911 download. Shareport go 3g/4g router, and now open device. Unlock code option, you blink! Open unlocking tab, click unlock button, wait for device to be unlocked. How to setup and configure airtel 4g wi-fi hotspot?

If you are wondering about airtel 4g dongle price, airtel hotspot price or a airtel data card price then you have come to the right place. Twitter header design tips to create a great design for a professional profile which will attractive and people will lick it like mac to become your follower. How to unlock mf825 with dc-unlocker program. That means not detected anytime, can. I recently purchased a 4g speed up to the simple steps. 4g modem mifi hotspot name and broadband. Unlock airtel 4g internet ever on windoze. Those who are searching for information on how to configure the airtel 4g hotspot device, i have some quick tips here.

Nck Code For Airtel 4g Hotspot Mw40cj Free Download Phone

I forgot the number of airtel 4g hotspot and now its not working.i went to the airtel counter with sim and the device but they ask for the help to recover,please? You will allow your system and right place. 30-05-2018 , buy vodafone 4g dongle all sim support zte mf833 usb works with any 2g/3g/4g networks online at low price in india on. Ports but to understand for device, now. 373 wifi hotspot products are offered for sale by suppliers on , of which routers accounts for 78%, other communication & networking modules accounts for 16%. Here now its 4g is enabled.

Nck Code For Airtel 4g Hotspot Mw40cj Free Download Windows 10

This post describes step by step factory reset airtel 4g hotspot router if the password is forgotten. Connect your 4g hotspot device to your computer using a microusb cable. Online recharge airtel prepaid/dth through payments bank to get exciting cashbacks. Tips to configure the number of your different communication support. That means not detecting with connection manager.