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This great paid link shortener auto clicker bot is a real easy way to tweak your adfly income and for a chance to make even more money with other link shorteners. Just insert your links and let the tool click in full auto mode for you. There is a great procy cycler included so noone can track you back and your adfly earnings will rise! Buy Website Traffic bot - High quality, cheap automated traffic generator☑️! Choose most suitable plan for you☑️. Start Increasing Your Websites Traffic Instantly.

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Five easy steps to get your campaign running

Login to your account

Login to your existing account or sign up in a matter of seconds, and you are all set to start generating clicks on any URL of your choice. Signing up is entirely free, and you even have a free plan to get you started.

Create a campaign

Auto Url Clicker Online

Once logged in to your account, create a campaign by simply adding a link you want to see hit by real people's web browsers. You can customize and select conditions in our user friendly backoffice, and get your URL hit only by specific computers.

Campaign's settings

Adjust the traffic according to your requirements. Among your campaign settings, you can select specific countries, device types, http methods, and customized post variables. For example you can set variables that will contain a unique and random value for every single action ! A random value can be formatted as an Email, a name, a birthdate, an integer, or you can define yourself the pattern. You decide what random data you want to see forged, and of course the number of actions you want to perform.


Once your campaign is created and all set, select a starting date if not immediately, and get ready to see the rain fall !



We give you precise insights on the nature of your campaign's actions (DateTime, IP, Country).

Anybody wants to earn some quick cash! And this is really possible.. in the internet there are many opportunities to earn a bit of passive extra income!

With this adfly bot it is possible like you see in the screenshot above, too boost your daily earnings to a higher level. All you have to do is to add your shrinked urls, set up the timings you want (Default: 4 seconds) and a list of proxies. The proxies get cycled around and a proper url referrer is send with the click. This makes the program absolute stealth and undetectable for the adfly service, so your account will stay save.

In the sceen above you see that after i used the adfly clicker software my earnings graph increases nicely. Adfly made the payout after a month to my Paypal account. They also offer Payza, Libertyreserve, Moneybrookers and a few more.