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Or you could download the officially supported releases of cyanogenmod. Forum i just install a application on my computer windows the name of the. May download the best top custom rom for your android device! For android over other mobile oses like ios and windows phone is because. Search results for 'ios 8 rom android download'. Mar 09, 2021 Nevertheless, it does play a huge role when it comes to the Android Custom ROM world and still remains one of the best Android custom ROMs for 2021. Download LineageOS Custom ROM.

Top 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android Rooted Phones:

Android is a best operating system owned by Google in the world due to its incredible features and cheap rates.

Google is always updating Android Version to provide more excellent features to their users and a lot of free apps which you can download from the Play Store.

The most important part because Android is too famous among the technical mentality people are rooting the android phone.

There are infinite features and tasks which you can do and apply only after rooting your Android phone. And one of them is installing the best custom ROM on Android which you can never install on unrooted Android mobile phones.

Installing a Custom ROM is a good option rather than installing another operating system. Suppose you’re using an Android phone from last many days then you might feel dull by using the same features, Right? But rooting and then using the best custom ROM is a beautiful option to get rid of intolerable stuff.

10 Best Custom ROMs for Android 2020

If you don’t know and not have an idea about the Best Custom ROMs, then don’t worry because Today I brought a list of 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android Phones.

So first, you need to root Android phone because you can’t use these custom ROMs on your Android until you do not root.

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MIUI is a familiar name among best Android custom ROMs and thanks to Xiaomi to make available this ROM to use on any Android smartphone.

Ios 10 custom rom for android download apk

If you’ve rooted an Android phone, then you should use this ROM as custom ROM on your Android phone and enjoy unlimited features and better user-interface as well. MIUI will give you experience iOS due to its design.

This ROM has many built-in features like as; Popup view, Child Mode, Show Time, Data Stats, Theme Store, Blacklist, MiCloud and much more other facilities as well.

You can also customise the interface to give your Android phone better look. MIUI ROM is regularly updated and supported by a lot of devices as well. So use MIUI and give a new life to your older Android smartphone. 🙂

2. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is another popular custom ROM just like as the MIUI which has been competing for every popular custom ROM.

Paranoid is a trustworthy and a traditional custom domain for Android which has a lot of unique and brilliant features like as; cool, impressive mode, hover notifications, peek notification from the lock screen, dynamic system bars.nd also have the ability to use gesture over the navigation buttons, etc.

Officially, Paranoid is available for the Oppo, Nexus, and OnePlus devices but you can also install it on other devices as well from unofficial channels on XDA.

And it also can use gesture over the navigation buttons, etc. Officially, Paranoid is available for the Oppo, Nexus, and OnePlus devices. But you can also install it on other devices as well from unofficial channels on XDA.

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Ios 10 Custom Rom For Android Download Pc

3. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod has grown ver fast from past several years, and now it is established as the best company which also offers Cyanogen OS.

Nowadays Cyanogen is most used and trusted company which provides custom ROM that you can install on your rooted Android phone.

Ios 10 Custom Rom For Android Download

Don’t be surprised about the popularity of CyanogenMod because it also has many unique features like the privacy guard, toggle tweaks, custom profiles, integrated theme engine, gesture and easy to customize everything.

Everyone can easily customize working of a status bar, notification bar, notification drawer and buttons of hardware as well. CyanogenMod is regularly updated and also supportable to every device which is available in the market. The latest version CyanogenMod 13 is also working on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 🙂

The latest version CyanogenMod 13 is also working on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 🙂

4. PAC-Man ROM

Pac-man ROM is another trustworthy custom Rom on this list of best custom ROM for Android smartphones.

It also has many features of above custom ROMs like as; CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, MIUI and also of many others as well.

PAC-Man allows you to take advantage of various custom ROMs advanced features, but the user-interface of PAC Rom is different from all others. And you’ll never get bored after installing this custom ROM on your rooted Android smartphone.

So if you want to use CyanogenMod, MIUI, OR Panaroid then first give it a try because as I have said this is a mixture of various features of many custom ROMs. 🙂

5. AOKP ROM [Android Open Kang Project].

AOKP ROM is another highly designed custom ROM for rooted Android devices, and if you’re a lover of stock Android, then you should give it a try.

After installing AOKP ROM, you can find all option of customizing Android in the ROM Control Tab Menu.

We can quickly change the height of navigation bar as per our need by using AOKP ROM.

You can also make navigation and status bar transparent by installing this custom ROM on your Android device.

By using AOKP ROM, you can also design custom vibration patterns to make it easy to identify who is calling you even when your Android phone is in your pocket. 😉

You can find a list of all supportable devices and more information on the official site of AOKP ROM.

6. Slim Bean

Slim bean is another favourite in this list of best custom ROMs for Android because it is focusing on providing a better user-interface to without any bugs and error.

By using this Android Custom ROM, you can update Android version too quickly only in one tap.

You can take advantage of better battery performance because it uses a custom Kernel. Slim Bean display themes with different styles and also support various Android launchers as well.

You can quickly read all notification even on your locked phone. You can read more about Slim Bean on its official website. 🙂

7. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection is the cleanest looking, stable, regularly updated ROMs, which also stand out from all ROMs due to its excellent and unique features.

You can easily customize everything on your Android device notification drawer to the notification buttons, lock screen, and animations as well.

The name Resurrection strikes you well, Right? It sounds like resurrected, recorrection, and remixed OS experience into the rooted Android device.

By using this feature, you can increase battery time on your Android device. By using Resurrection Remix, you can personalise everything as you like and according to your need.

Resurrection is offering better support for versatile devices when compared to other ROMs. You can find more information about Resurrection Remix on its official site.

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8. XenonHD

XenonHD is a fast growing and performance oriented ROM, thanks to its lightweight nature.

The ROM is available for a few Samsung, Sony, HTC, OPPO, Nexus devices but you can get for other devices from unofficial channels as well.

It has layer based PRO theming, which lets you customise the theme as per your requirement.

XenonHD ROM for Lollipop also includes features like as; Built-in Root Access, filter notification, privacy guard and more.

If you’re a lover of stock Android, then you should install this custom ROM on your rooted Android device. And by XenonHD you can also customise each and everything like as, notification drawer, notification buttons, and status bar.

To read more information about the XenonHD Go To their official site.

9. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is also a good option in this list of Top 10 Best ROMs for Rooted Android Phones.

With great features of Dirty Unicorn, you can easily customise the Android phone.

It also provides Marshmallow version. Dirty Unicorns offer lock screen wallpaper changer, notification customisation, and colour customisation, music equaliser, pulse bar and even a smart bar.

You can easily assign seven targets for mobile and ten goals for tablet android devices.

It is supported by wide range of brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nexus, etc.

10. OmniRom

It is another Best one on this list of best custom ROM for Android Phones and developed by Ex-Cyanogen Developers.

OmniRom is a brilliant option to choose who wants to upgrade their Android version to Marshmallow.

Ios 10 Rom For Android

It is supportable for a large number of Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Asus, Oppo, LG, etc.

It provides fast switching between the app using its Omni switcher with an easy user-interface, attractive look and many other customizable features like as Notification bar, status bar, theme colours, etc.

If you want to know more about it, then go to official website of OmniRom.

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Final Words!

So above I’ve shared 10 Best Custom ROMs for Android Phones.

I hope you guys will like this post. There are infinite custom ROMs available on the internet, but all are not stable. So I’ve researched and test many custom ROMs and share only the best ones here in above list. 🙂

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Thank You!
Stay Blessed and Stay Happy! 🙂

Top 10 Best Custom ROMS For Android, You Should Know. Are you looking For Best Custom ROM for your Android Device? Know more about best custom roms for android -
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Best Custom ROMS For Android
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Generic Installation Instructions For All Devices (Note, For your Specific Android Device, Check XDA For More Information / Google is Your Best Pal)
1. Pre-Requisites - Unlocked BootLoader, Custom Recovery Installed
2. Backup Your Data like Apps, Photos, Contacts, Videos & More
3. Make Sure You Are having Proper vendor & Firmware Pre installed.
4. Then Remove All Lock Screen Password, Pins, Fingerprints, Sign out from Google Accounts / Samsung / MI Accounts .
5. Boot In To TWRP - Wipe - advanced wipe - System, Data, Dalvik / Art , Cache
6. Install ZIP -, google Apps (pico) & Flash It . Reboot Enjoy.
7. If you Face any boot LOOP try to boot back to recovery then wipe the internal storage (WIPE - FORMAT DATA - type“YES” to remove encryption. This will remove all data on your phone . So backup all photos & videos to computer before doing this thing)
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