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Command Conquer Generals 2 Free Download

On The Face Of It, Civil War Generals II has everything going for it. Somebody somewhere has had a year to iron out the creases and version two now sports a good multimedia guide to the American Civil War, a complete scenario editor that allows you to create battles from the ground up, and plenty of extra units and terrain features.

Instead of playing that boring old rebel Robert E Lee, you can play either side and any general you like from the North or South. There are more than 40 different battles to play and 17 campaigns, covering both eastern and western theatres. For the solo player, there are around 200 different scenarios to get your teeth into.

You get Mississippi gunboats, engineers, mortars and horse artillery to play with and extra terrain types such as forts, swamps and coastlines. And there's head-to-head play over the Internet, modem-to-modem, network or e-mail.

At first glance, CWGII looks a bit like other pseudominiature wargames with realistic 3D terrain, colourful unit graphics and a neat player interface. But that's at first glance. You soon realise that a unit composed of three soldiers can represent anywhere between 500 and 1000 men - and that the only way they can shoot each other is to move adjacent to the target unit. Each unit represents a brigade or regiment, which is fine if you want to recreate complete battles such as Gettysburg, but as far as realism goes it's a no-no.

The closest game to CWGIHs probably good old Fantasy General. You move a unit up, attack, move up another, attack again and so on. Yes, you've got long-range artillery bombardments and specialist sharpshooters, but the overall appearance is wickedly unrealistic when compared to the definitive ACW games of Talonsoft's Battleground series.This is a real crying shame, because most of the game mechanics are superb. Leaders and other units have several factors such as morale, health, experience, that affect both combat results and behaviour under fire. You can rally units, rest them, swap leaders and generally take a lot of time getting the command and control right. But why bother when the battlefield is such a comic-book affair?

The point of victory

The most innovative feature is the 'dynamic' victory point allocation. Fight over a hex and it becomes even more valuable to each side, so the battle really hots up where the fighting takes place rather than on obscure victory point locations that nobody cares about. The more you fight over an insignificant hillock, the more victory points you get for holding it.The campaign is superbly thought out too - you need to conserve troops and yet win your battles, so there are endless decisions and strategies to try.

Civil War Generals 2 free. download full Game

But even when you chuck in some spectacularly clear videos, good sound effects, atmospheric music and really detailed weapons data, the end result is a giant waste of time because the corny graphics spoil everything. The units don't even face the right way; more often than not, the units on opposing sides will have their backs to each other as they fight, thanks to the limited number of bitmaps representing each one.

Command conquer generals 2 download

In short, CWGII is a huge disappointment. There's a hell of a good game engine in there somewhere, but overall the game is full of holes, not to mention countless bugs. To put it more succinctly, it's just not very good.

There are more realistic and imaginative strategy games available, ones far more demanding of a tactical mind and others that offer up an historical challenge whether it be ancient or contemporary. But when it comes to whittling down the hours in the pursuit of pure fun, very few strategy games have been as easygoing or as enjoyable to play as the Command & Conquer series. For all its overt and senseless stereotyping, those that could stomach the all-too-current backdrop of its faux Desert Storm setting found the same enjoyment in C&C: Generals, the most recent offspring in the near decade-old series.

Picking up from where last year's episode left off, Zero Hour dishes out three mini campaigns for each of the three warring sides. Unsurprisingly. EA has again sexed up current affairs with the USA ferrying humanitarian aid and hunting weapons of mass destruction (which in this game are easy to find), the Chinese fighting terrorist armies, while those opting to command the GLA must regroup and harass their two enemies with sneak attacks and biological weapons.

The levels themselves have moved away from the predominantly Middle Eastern desert locales of the first game and include North Africa, the Mediterranean islands and Western Europe, and while the main campaigns are brief they are no less spectacular than you would expect. Spruced up with in-engine cut-scenes, the game is a feast for the senses with explosions that fill the screen, hordes of troops and tanks that pack the maps and the typical C&C soundtrack of industrial dirge that sets the mood perfectly.

Challenge Tanks

Command And Conquer Generals 2 Free Download

Generals 2 Free Download

To bolster what would otherwise be a thin expansion, EA has introduced a new single-player mode called Challenge; for all intents and purposes a homage to Street Fighter that has you, as your choice of general, taking on eight other generals one at a time as you attempt to become the mother of all battlefield commanders. Each general is an expert in a particular field, with bonuses and special units available depending on their skills. For example, play as Chinese General Kwai - an expert in armoured warfare - and you can build tanks cheaply and earn powerful bonus abilities, his weakness being that he can't recruit artillery units and aircraft are expensive. Go up against US General Alexander - a specialist in base defence, whose inability to build tanks is offset by EMP missiles and cheaper Particle Cannons - and you've got yourself an interesting battle.

C&c Generals 2 Free Download

Helix Menace

While the new strategies work well, the Al still makes some corking blunders; units often get caught up crossing bridges, while enemy generals always seem to rely on the same routes to attack you time and time again. Saying that, your troops are more coordinated than they appeared last time around so there are improvements.

Of course this wouldn't be much of an expansion pack without some new units and EA has introduced plenty of upgrades and fresh reinforcements for each side. These include GLA combat bikes that tear across the maps at breakneck speed, Chinese Helix helicopters that can transport the massive Overlord tanks across the map and drop napalm bombs and, for the US, the Microwave tank that can reheat a chicken biryani in under five seconds - and reduce enemy buildings to rubble as a happy aside. Add in a couple of new General Abilities and new buildings, like the Chinese Internet Centre, and you have a hefty package that puts most add-ons to shame.

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