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FORScan for Windows: FORScan for Windows v2.3.41 - free: Information about Extended License: Buy Extended License: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or lifelong Get free Extended License - 2 months trial: Buy USB adapter OBDLink EX on Amazon.US, on BMDiag (UK).: FORScan Lite for iOS - attention: some functions are missing in FORScan Lite. Please see comparsion of applications.

1. General
What car brands are supported?
How does FORScan differ from other OBDII applications?
Why FORScan doesn't show function Y for my car? When this function will be added?
Why number of functions for my car is less than for the same model of the next generation?
2. FORScan versions, licensing
What are FORScan versions? What are the differencies?
Do you plan to create a version for Linux, Mac OS, Windows Phone?
3. Extended License for Windows
What is Extended License, why and when do I need it?
How can I purchase Extended License?
How can I get free trial Extended License?
How can I get Extended License after trial period?
What is the difference between Extended License key and Activation Code?
What are limitations of free trial Extended License?
Where do I get Activation Code for my free trial Extended License?
What is the Hardware ID and how to get it?
I have generated and downloaded license key, but unable to open it. Help!
FORScan doesn't accept Extended License key, why?
I have re-installed Windows (updated PC etc) and Extended License key is lost. What to do?
4. FORScan Lite for iOS, Android
Why 'Lite' version for mobile platforms and not 'full'?
Why 'full' FORScan for Windows is free, and 'simplified' FORScan Lite is paid?
I have changed my Android (iOS) device. Should I buy the app again?
I have bought the app to my Android (iOS) phone, now I want to install it on my tablet. Should I buy the app again?
I have changed my Android device to iOS one (or vice versa). How can I transfer the purchase?
5. Forum
I have registered but cannot login, why?
How long do the review and approval take?
Why is the manual approval required instead of automated one?
I'm unable to login after 24 hours after registration, what's wrong?
I forgot my username and/or password, what do I need to do?
I have reset my password but still cannot login, why?

Absolute majority of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury models starting from 1996 model year are supported. Exception are quite rare: models unified with other manufacturers, for example Ford Galaxy Mk2.

Models manufactured before 1996 usually have diagnostic interfaces not supported by ELM327. However, there are exceptions too. For example, Ford Scorpio II (1994 MY).

No other brands are supported yet. Support for other brands is planned but not in the near future.

Here is the comparsion table: Comparsion of FORScan applications

Strongly speaking, in contrast to majority of other products, FORScan is not an OBDII application. OBDII applications use simple OBDII protocol that was originally developed just for an effective emission control. The protocol is quite limited. FORScan works on another level and uses the same principles as professional and dealership scanners. This is a conceptual difference that determines the project development strategy. OBDII developers are limited with OBDII protocol and spend majority of their efforts to make their products better looking, more user friendly and so on. We are not limited with protocol and spend majority of our efforts to extend core functionality. As a result, FORScan may be less convenient and nice-looking than other products, but gives more power to the users.

Functions may be very different for different models and especially different generations of models and different brands. For example, at this moment there are 50+ known versions of ABS bleed procedure for Ford models, only 10+ are implemented in FORScan.

We do not add functions just for fun, as number of functions is huge because of multiple versions. So we add functions by requests. More requests from users for a function - more chance for this function to be added in the near future.


Older cars have less electronics and modules, than newer ones. So older cars will always have less abilities than newer ones. The difference is functionality is directly proportional to the difference in model age.

FORScan for Windows is the main development branch. New funtions, fixes, improvements etc are appled to the Windows version first of all. This version is also base product for testers. FORScan for Windows is distributed under Standard License that has no configuration and programming functions, as well as some service functions. These functions become available after installing Extended License. More information about Standard and Extended Licenses can be read here:Standard and Extended licenses for Windows. Version for Windows is free.

FORScan Lite for iOS and Android are simplified versions of FORScan optimized for mobile platforms. It has no configuration and programming functions,as well as some service functions. FORScan Lite are paid. In order to let users check for basic application abilities and avoid wrong purchase we have created free versions of the app: FORScan Demo for Android and FORScan Viewer for iOS. We recommend to try it before purchasing FORScan Lite to make sure the application satisfies your expectations.

Here is the comparsion table that shortly explains differencies between versions: Comparsion of FORScan applications

Yes we plan to create versions for Mac OS and Linux, but not in the nearest future. As for Windows Phone, this platform is not developed by Microsoft anymore.

3. Extended License for Windows

Extended License provides access to Configuration and Programming functions of FORScan, and also few Service functions (such as PATS programming). Base FORScan functionality (connection, retrieving vehicle information, reading parameters, read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, run tests and service functions etc) do NOT require Extended License. There is a free 2 month Extended License that can be issued for anyone who has account on our forum. Also there are paid longterm and lifelong licenses. More information about Extended License can be found in this article.

Extended License for 1, 3, 5 years or lifelong can be purchased from the Products page via site of our partner. As soon as the payment is processed (it may take some time), the partner's shop will send Activation Code to the customer's email. The Activation Code must be entered in corresponding field on the About page of the FORScan application. Note: Internet connection must be available at the moment of activation. After the activation, Internet connection is not required anymore.

You can get Extended License for free from this link (you should have account on our forum): Link to Extended License key generator. Hardware ID can be obtained from About page of FORScan. Article: Standard and Extended licenses for Windows

At this moment only 2 months free Extended License is available. When it is expired, you will be able to issue another 2 months one, also for free. Or you can buy long term (1, 3, 5 years) or lifelong Extended License.

Extended License key has to be installed on a computer in order to activate the Extended License functionality. It must be done for any version of Extended License. In case of free trial Extended License, user has to prepare, generate, download and install the key manually. Activation Code is a special code that simplifies the process: user enters the Activation Code in a special field and FORScan will prepare, generate, download and install the key in automated mode (Internet connection is neccessary). Activation Code is only provided for paid licenses. Activation Code is valid during the whole Extended License validity period.

License validity period is much shorter for free trial version. Also license installation process is much simpler for paid Extended Licenses. For now there is no difference on functional side.

Activation Code is not provided for free trial Extended Licenses, sorry. It is only available for paid versions of Extended License. In case of free trial Extended License, you have to generate and install the key manually as described in the activation email you get after your account on our forum has been approved by moderator.

Hardware ID is a special code that identifies you PC with Windows OS installed. It is generated by a special algorithm on the basis of PC components' data and used to connect Extended License key to the specific PC. The Hardware ID may change if some PC components are replaced, in this case new Extended License key has to be generated.

Hardware ID can be obtained from About page of FORScan. We strongly recommend do not enter the ID manually but copy it to the clipboard, to avoid any typos. In case of paid licenses you don't need to care about Hardware ID, as processes of license key generation, download and installation are automated.

Here is a video that explains how to install the Extended License key: video.

If the Extended License key was generated, downloaded and installed as instructed, but the About page of FORScan still shows 'Standard License', it is necessary to check the PC system date. The date must match to the license validity period.

If you own paid Extended License, just retry the activation with the same Activation Code received after purchase. If you lost your Activation Code, please contact support and provide email or other information you used for the purchase. Support team will identify you and re-send you your Activation Code.

If you had free trial Extended License, you have to generate and install new license key, because Hardware ID was most likely changed.

4. FORScan Lite for iOS, Android

Forscan Extended License Key Generator

'Lite' means this version of application is simplified to be used on mobile devices as safe as possible. Service and Programming functions are not safe, and using them on mobile devices is quite not desirable because of the platforms nature: using wireless devices (that are less reliable than USB ones), possibility to get application killed or freezed by OS during a critical operation (e.g. because of incoming call or other reason) and so on. Nevertheless, we think on adding relatively safe service functions to FORScan Lite.

Mobile version of FORScan was not a priority for this project. But a lot of FORScan users asked to release a mobile version and promised to purchase it. So it was developed and is paid. So, whe you purchase FORScan Lite:

1. You pay for convenience to have a 'pocket' version of FORScan for your trip. You don't need to keep a cumbersome laptop in your bag, you can use your compact smartphone instead. FORScan Lite has no serious service and programming abilities, but they are not really neccessary in a trip. In majority of cases if some trouble happens, a vehicle owner needs to understand what's wrong and may be reset error codes to leave 'limited operating strategy' (LOS) mode in order to be able to reach a garage or a workshop. And this is what FORScan Lite can help to do.

Forscan Extended Licence Key Generator

2. You support the project and developers. At this moment FORScan Lite is the only revenue source for this project, so it is very important.

The purchase is associated with an account but not with a device. So if your new device uses the same account (Google or Apple respectively), you can just install the app from the store. More than, any device that uses this account will have right to use the application. But if the new deivce works under a new account, the app will not work on it. The simplest solution in this situation is to add your old account to the new device as an additional one. As far as we know, both Google and Apple allow it.

The purchase is associated with an account but not with a device. So the app will work on any device that uses this account. If your tablet uses another account, the app will not work on it. The simplest solution in this situation is to add your phone's account to the tablet as an additional one. As far as we know, both Google and Apple allow it.

Unfortunately, there is no way. Both Google and Apple do not provide an ability to transfer purchases between the accounts.The only way is to request a money back (refund) on your old account and make a new purchase. However, it has to be counted that Google and Apple have different pricing policy, so the same application in the same country may have significant price difference between Google and Apple. Besides, Google and Apple work with developers in different ways. In particular, Google provides an ability to developers to initiate refunds, but Apple does not. So Apple users have to request a refund from Apple customer support.

We perform moderation for all newly registered accounts. If account is approved, you will get a email notification about it (note: some mail servers may falsely mark these mails as spam and not deliver it properly). If account is not approved, it will be removed, no any email notifications are delivered.

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It depends on moderator's availability online and may take up to 24 hours.

Important: there is no real need to send emails to support asking to make the process faster. This will not help as support and moderation teams work independently.

The only goal of manual review is to prevent fake accounts' registrations. These accounts are later used for sending spam and other activity that is not allowed. Unfortunately, these registrations are able to successfully bypass any automated systems (including built-in OCR in the forum).

It most likely means your account was counted as fake one and removed. You have to retry the registration and make sure correct (real) information is entered during the registration.

Forscan Extended License Key Generator

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