Dyson Link App For Mac

There’s no shortage of robot vacuum cleaners these days, but it looks like the Dyson 360 Eye – due for launch next year – could be the best one yet.

Dyson link app

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The 360 Eye uses Dyson’s cyclone technology, where centrifugal force is used to throw dirt out of spiral airflows, making it more powerful than anything on the market. But the clever part is the 360-degree camera system, which allows the device to accurately position itself by 3D reference points rather than the simpler 2D systems used in existing robocleaners.

The Dyson Link iPhone app will allow you to start, stop and schedule cleaning sessions, as well as monitor its progress remotely. The device’s firmware can also be updated via the app.

Dyson is launching first in Japan in the spring, with an international launch later in the year. Don’t expect it to be cheap …


Dyson link app for mac

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