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WhatsApp Sniffer is a program that allows you to hack someone else’s correspondence. There are a lot of fraudsters using such applications. It is important to understand: we introduce you to the mechanism of action of hacker software, but do not call for the installation of illegal software on your smartphone. You are solely responsible for manipulating tool applications. And for reading other people’s messages – too.

Download whatsapp sniffer latest apk on your android phone for free. With this app, you can spy anyone’s whatsapp conversations. How Whatsapp Sniffer Works. Beginning, let’s explain that this application works for iOS (whatsapp sniffer iphone) and also on Android devices. If you want to use this service with a desktop or laptop (whatsapp sniffer pc) then you have to follow a different process. When talking about this process is quite simple and not difficult to use.

  1. So, here’s the download option for the WhatsApp sniffer with this, the application is getable, and you can use it easily. READ Complete Guide on Straight Talk APN Settings 2019 So, here are the steps you have to follow to download the Whatsapp sniffer application on your Android device or IOS device.
  2. Who doesn’t know WhatsApp in Android applications world? If you are an Android user then you will not ask this.


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What is WhatsApp Sniffer

“Sniffer” is a term from criminal jargon that refers to a master cracker. Sniffers cope with any locks, owning only a rusty pin. But the utility allows you to get to other people’s accounts and fully control the correspondence of your victim. Licensed version does not exist, since we are dealing with semi-legal software.

The authors of the development surrounded the program in a veil of heroic rumors. According to the “official” version, the code was developed by the military and stolen from clandestine laboratories. Trust this information, decide for yourself. We did not test the utility on WhatsApp users – and you are not recommended to do such things.

Why do I need a utility

What can you tool do? The developers of the program are hackers, and we cannot fully trust them. These guys are calling to download WhatsApp Sniffer to give themselves unprecedented power. The following functions will open for you:

  • access to the victim’s WhatsApp (talking about accounts);
  • reading other people’s messages and replacing them with their own texts (the interlocutor will not see the difference);
  • Work on the Internet from a hacked account (in fact, turn it into your own);
  • extraction of any information (including files) sent by users of the messenger to the victim’s phone;
  • calls from a hacked number;
  • editing the avatar and status of another user.

How to download and install

The utility is distributed on the web for free. There are sites that upload installation files to increase the level of attendance. Some distributors claim that the application is installed on different operating systems, including Android and iOS (you can install it on a PC if you wish). For Android, the application is distributed mainly in the APK archives. True, you need to get into the “Settings” and start the installation from unidentified sources.

On iphone

Practice has shown that hacking software is not installed on iPhones. The creators did not write the program for iOS, so do not waste your time in vain. You will have to look for a gadget with Android.

On Android

Getting started installing WhatsApp Sniffer on your Android phone. Bad news – the application is not distributed in Russian. So you have to understand the British dialect. Having found the installation file, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Download installation file.
  2. Application launch – everything happens in standard mode, no surprises.
  3. Clicking the “Allow” button (you give the program access to various WhatsApp options).
  4. Enjoyment of the result.

In rare cases, Sniffer does not want to run on the hunter’s phone. The application will have to hack. Doing this yourself is not worth it – the process is quite complicated. Here is a list of requirements for developers on your smartphone:

  • rooted device;
  • compatibility (study the accompanying text on the site – it all depends on the specific gadgets, memory sizes and OS versions);
  • Busybox availability
  • “Unknown sources” option (for those who install the APK file).

On computer

You will not be able to download and install the program on a stationary computer or laptop. Remember: the spy app runs exclusively on Android. Understand and forgive.

How Sniffer Works

Consider the basic principles of functioning sniffers. Before you download WhatsApp Sniffer, you should find out what you are dealing with. The idea of ​​hackers is based on the fact that all phones connected to the Internet have unique MAC identifiers. Similar addresses can boast of PC network cards. The sniffer recognizes the MAC address of the right person, assigns this identifier and completely controls it. Other subscribers continue to send messages to the victim – they will all come to your address..

Download whatsapp sniffer v3.3 for androidApk

Third party MACs are mined through social engineering. We are talking about messages inside which the link is hidden. A typical example is software update information. By clicking on the pop-up window, the victim activates a malicious code that sends the necessary information to the sniffer. There is an easier way – using public Wi-Fi networks. Having settled down in a cafe next to the subscriber, you launch a spy app and reap the benefits. Sniffer works without your participation.

All this looks cool, but we would not do such things. WhatsApp is a well-protected system, and such security holes would have long been fixed. Do not forget about the legal side of the issue – hacking is considered a crime in most countries of the world. Still want to download WhatsApp Sniffer? There is a risk of replenishing the ranks of victims deceived by hackers.

How to protect yourself?

If intruders attacked your phone, urgently take up preventive work. Launch antivirus and cleanse your gadget from filth. The second step is complete deletion WhatsApp and reinstalling the messenger. Here are some more practical tips:

  • connect with developers messenger, ask them to increase the security level of the utility;
  • Check the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection;
  • do not let other people make calls from your smartphone;
  • constantly update antivirus;
  • Password WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Sniffer Reviews

If you believe the reviews, the sniffer connects to a third-party messenger in two ways – via Wi-Fi or SMS. If the victim is an employee of your office, it is better to act through Wi-Fi. The second option is to send an SMS to the subscriber with a link (we wrote about this above). Do these methods work? Here are a couple of reviews.

Download Whatsapp Sniffer V3.3 For Android Free

“All this is nonsense, WhatsApp developers introduced encryption – and sniffers stopped working. It’s better to put a keylogger on your spouse’s phone, it will be more reliable”.

Dmitry, Kazan

“I didn’t check it myself, but one of my friends uses it. He says the application is normal. I got to my girlfriend’s correspondence, but couldn’t find anything there. Now she trusts her as herself”.

Victor, Kostroma

“I used it at one time. It works flawlessly, but it was many years ago. Now I don’t know. They say they have introduced cunning encryption on the messenger, WhatsApp Sniffer is useless now.”.

Andrey, Kaliningrad

As you can see, the information is contradictory. Some users believe in the effectiveness of spyware, others do not. We advise you to stay away from such applications. You will sleep better.

Download Whatsapp Sniffer V3.3 For Android App

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