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We've all been waiting for this one for quite some time, so to start with here's the link to the downloads page:Project x sonic download

Download Sonic X Project Love Game. ProjectX: Love Potion Disaster is a hentai game based on the world and characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, pretty much a fanart game. Developed by Zeta Team, this game is not licensed by SEGA, nor is it related to the creators of Sonic in any way.
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Changelog for Alpha Version 7.8.1
- Fix crash caused by corrupted 'Evil Zu' assets in Arena Mode
Changelog for Alpha Version 7.8
- All the animations are done and working until Stage 4.
- Blaze and Cream animations was added and fixed for the whole Stage 4.
- New Gallery and Boss Gallery Mode is introduced, fixing some errors and gave the cursor more movement speed around the screen.
- Added Zeena in Boss Rush Mode.
- Added a rise attack on Werehog Sonic to prevent spamming hits on him while he wake up from the floor.
- Fixed Abyss exploit that was making him unable to catch the players when they are in the side of the screen.
- Fixed the combat order of enemies apperance in the River of Lava Zone before the Zeena fight, now is less chaotic.
- Fixed a bug in the River of Lava Zone that made the game got stuck and unable to finish the Stage.
- The timer to finish the Stages is now deactivated for all of them.
- Cheat Mode can be enabled in Main Options Menu.
- Cheat options are Infinite Credits, Infinite Lives, Infinite Health and Energy.
- Infinite Health and Energy Cheat makes the game to get stucked if you fall in any hole, forcing you to restart the game, this is an engine problem and cannot be fixed, use it at your own risk.
- Added better detailed sprites for the life bar and other minor stuff to improve the graphic appearel of the game.
- Fixed a bug of cloning characters while they are catched, still the bug can persist in weird or abnormal situations in the rare cases of the player grabbed or attacked at the same time by more than one enemie simultaneously.
- Improved the memory usage loading the models along the game, loading screens can take a bit more of time, but the game will be more friendly with low memory ram computers.
- Added a folder in the game with all the Game Over Scenes on High resolution. (Can be viewed out of the game as an extra).
- Pterodactyls cannot fall in holes or lava anymore.
- 5 extra rings was added in the surfing bonus stage to be more player friendly.
- Zeena pool life was reduced from 1000 to 700.
- Fixed a generalized error that made the game stuck or the player character dissapears after an animation on several enemies.
- Fixed a bug that made Bloob Venus stucked and unable to move when she depletes a player character.
- The speed of the Ghosts enemies was reduced a bit.
- Fixed the Incubus dialog boxes that was showing a wrong color palette.
- Reduced the input commands of the Witch Doctor (Tiki-Man) to enter on his cottage, now is up, down, right, left, up and attack.
- Fixed a bug that let the player use the escape move before the animation ends on Zeena and Futa Zeena.
- Added a folder in the game with all the Loading Screens on High resolution. (Can be viewed out of the game as an extra).
- Fixed the Ghost Girl Diary item preventing to accidentally skip the pages.

A list of known bugs is here:
We're now going to restructure how we develop Project X and we hope to be a lot more communicative with you, the community!

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As an outsider looking in, you would assume that adult games rarely made use of child friendly content. Yet if one was to research the topic, you would find that a number of children’s cartoons and gaming franchises have been adapted into adult content. It seems that Sonic the Hedgehog is no different and the supersonic hedgehog has been the subject of a number of these titles. However, the one we will be focusing on today will be Project X: Love Potion Disaster.

This game plays rather like the original 2D scrollers in the Sonic the Hedgehog series as well as other arcade scrollers like Ecco The Dolphin, Celeste, Sonic Mania. Then perhaps somewhat like Babysitting Cream mostly due to the adult themes and links to the Sonic franchise. This game aims to marry Sonic’s arcade gameplay with adult themes but does the game do this successfully? We find out in our review of Project X: Love Potion Disaster.

Development Hell

If anyone has followed this game since it’s Genesis, it’s actually been in development for over thirteen years. The developers rarely spoke to each other and as a result, this game feels like a mesh of ideas that aren’t cohesive and don’t provide that quintessential Sonic experience. In fact, this game feels like a side scroller like the old Disney titles like Aladdin or The Lion King. Yet, without all the things that made those games classics of their era. Sonic is all about speed and action and this game offers the player neither.

Then let’s talk about the presentation of this game. In terms of the visual quality, the game is sub-par. The sprites for this title have clearly been lifted from other existing titles and its jarring against other assets that we can only assume were also borrowed from elsewhere. Then where sound quality is concerned, this game steals assets from other games too. The Empty Tome theme from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night being a prime example of this. The presentation of this game just feels dirty and cheap and for that reason, it’s hard to enjoy.

Cut and Paste

This game also makes use of existing Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes to piece together voice clips where it can. Then where it can’t, you’ll simply be treated to text boxes. Partial voiceovers accompanied by text boxes can be done well. Just look at Persona 5 as an example of this. However, this is an example that proves that laziness doesn’t equal a successful game and this title suffers due to this consistent attempt to cut corners.

The only thing that we can say in praise of this title is that although the gameplay isn’t what it should be, it is playable. The controls are responsive and that simple mechanics implemented work as they should. So as a game, it functions but the fact that this is the highlight of what’s on offer here really tells you all you need to know.

The Verdict

Overall, this game is a train wreck, especially considering how long this game has spent in development. The gameplay is lack lustre, the sound and visual quality is laughable and the sexual content is suspect as well due to the canon age of the characters on the roster. Maybe that’s what drew you to the title and if it is, have a long, hard look at yourself.

This game is a black mark on the Sonic franchise and if Sega knew what was good for them, they would request to have this game expunged from existence.


  • Tight controls


  • Woeful sound and visual quality
  • Gameplay is far removed from Sonic games
  • Far too many borrowed assets
Overall rating: 5