Download Pokemon Black 2 For Android Apk

  1. Download Pokemon Black 2 For Android Apk

Pokémon Masters is a pokemon battle game in the city of Pasio. All the players need to visit the town for the competition with their most trained Pokemon. The audience from all around the world comes to enjoy the match. Prepare yourself for facing the topmost Pokemon masters for winning the game. It has all the spoken characters, including an ace, broke, misty, etc. Choose any of the characters to have a battle on the broad ground. Choose the best Pokemon based on the opponent to fight the fight. The competition keeps ongoing every day. The more you win in the game, the more rewards you can collect to grow your Pokemon.

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Overview Information

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App NamePokémon Masters
Size82 MB
CategoryRole Playing
DeveloperDeNA Co., Ltd.
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or above
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Updated OnOctober 2020


The game shares average graphics for making the battle looks more real. All the characters of Pokemon look the same as in the cartoon series. It also has the Team Rocket team to choose as a category. Players have first to choose the characters they want to clone then go for picking Pokemon from different locations. It also gives the option to buy Pokemon directly from the app purchase options. Win the match to gather more poke coins for buying new Pokemon. Use these Pokemon on random battlefields to defeat your opponent.

Features of Pokémon Masters apk

The gameplay will make you feel like enjoying a real Pokemon series. Some of the features available to explore in the game are the following:-

Hang out to the city of Pasio

All the Pokemon participants are directly landed in the city of Pasio. It is the place where the tournament will take place. All the Pokemon masters have to reach in the city before some days and start exploring the new journey. They can make new friends chat with them and hang out in the new town. It is the time given for refreshing their minds. Explore new Pokemon and get details about the list of the total Pokemon present in the city.

Create a team to participate in the match

The player needs to create a team for participating in the match. All the players are in search of a good team in the battle. Search for some good teammates after viewing the Pokemon list by tapping on their character. Make a strong team and get ready for the Pokemon battle. Give the team list to the battle manager and prepared to wait for the next day. Keep watching the Pokemon battle between different players and analyze the mind of the other players. Find the weakness of the opponent team and attack with a new Pokemon to defeat in the game.

Battle in real-time

The battle starts with a countdown of 30 seconds after joining the match. Take your time to choose which Pokemon to send in the beginning. Don’t use powerful Pokemon from the starting of the game. Keep analyzing the mind of the opponent by sending some average level Pokemon. Use Pokemon according to their time of defense. The competition gives very little time to launch a Pokemon, so keep updated with the list of Pokemon you have inside your Pokemon ball. Click on the Pokemon ball and tap from the catalog to launch a Pokemon in a real-time battle.

Download Pokemon Black 2 For Android Apk

Work together to win the match

Don’t prove yourself to be a powerful master. Choose the team in such a way to get all the collections of Pokemon in a group. Decide who has the best Pokemon for defeating the new Pokemon and give them a chance to fight the battle. The Pokemon master who will last till the end wins the match.

Final words

Download pokemon black 2 for android apkApk

Pokémon Masters is a game for getting some experience of playing Pokemon battle in the city of Pasio. The players can play the role of any of the leading Pokemon character to enjoy the game to their best.

Download Pokémon Masters for Android