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Most users search for Easeus data recovery serial key, Stellar Phoenix photo recovery key, A softech data recovery serial, Seagate File Recovery serial, iCare data recovery key, Minitool power serial key generator, Wise data recovery pro key, etc. Without knowing that some software culprits have created data recovery programs that contain.

EaseUS Data Recovery is a data recovery software that is based on a single application that recovers the lost data. Thus it retrieves lost information from any hard drive. Well, I’m going to help you in providing the EaseUS Data Recovery Key which is a licensed key and it will also help you in recovering your lost data. Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows are the recommended operating systems for the software.


  • 1 Why Should You Use EaseUS Data Recovery?
  • 2 How Do I Obtain the License Key?
  • 3 List Of EaseUS Data Recovery Keys & License Codes 2021

Why Should You Use EaseUS Data Recovery?

Because of the large storage capacity, the hard disc of our computers or laptops plays an important role in storing a large amount of data obviously. But sometimes due to a system crash or for unknown reasons, the hard disc can become internally damaged and I understand how worst it can get for you. As a result, we lose a lot of important data that was stored on the discs.

But don’t worry I’m here to help you with that on recovering your data by the EaseUS Data Recovery Key and learning more about it. Even if you’ve lost your data for this very reason you’re at the right place.

Data Recovery Pro License Key

It makes no difference whether your data was lost voluntarily or involuntarily; you can recover it by using these EaseUS Data recovery keys.

1. Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Key

Data Recovery Pro License Key Free

Every newly updated version of the EaseUS Data Recovery License Key includes advanced features and functionality. Some of its characteristics are listed below for you to understand better :

  1. It is a really simple software with a simple and easy step-by-step procedure for recovering data.
  2. Perhaps it displays a synopsis of the lost data before recovery.
  3. By avoiding unnecessary installation, this software saves time
  4. This tool also continues to recover lost documents and programs and that too without overwriting earlier versions. It aids in the reduction of unnecessary files on the hard drive.
  5. You can also recover data from some other card or disc using this software, such as USB drives, external hard drives, Micro-SD cards, and so on.
  6. Sound, video, and other archive files can also be recovered using the Easeus Data Recovery License Code.
  7. Many well-known worldwide languages have been supported by the software, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese.
  8. At frequent intervals, hard disc space is optimized.
  9. It has also been altered to work with the latest Windows 10 operating system and has the capacity to restore any type of file.
  10. This EaseUS data recovery license key free download even has an amazing feature in that it recovers data from any missing division that was triggered by an unintentional re-installation of the operating system, boot manager, improper cloning, or disc injury.

How Do I Obtain the License Key?

Even if you install the program from just about any official website, it would not perform until it is activated with a license key. Let’s look at how to activate the license key. The activation methods and steps are listed below :

Step 1: Firstly let’s start with, configure the EaseUS Wizard License Software from either the official website, then launch it.

Step 2: Then, from either the EaseUS Wizard, enable unencrypted activation key.

Step 3: Copy and paste the file “config.dat” from the downloaded folder into the file in which the software has already been installed.

Step 4: After that, copy another “exe” document and paste it all into the configured folder.

Step 5: A block called “DRWUI.exe” will show up. To activate the offline program, launch the program.

Step 6: After the activation is complete, exit the program.

Step 7: DRWUI should be copied. Exe and copy and paste it into a new file available.

Step 8: To finish the initialization, Click “OK”.

1. Activate The Recovery Software, Run The Block Host Program

Follow the steps outlined below to activate the recovery software, run the block host program :

Step 1: Firstly let’s start with, configure the EaseUS Wizard License Software setup file.

Step 2: Secondly, install and then uninstall the implementation.

Step 3: Install Block Host on your computer, laptop, or Mac-book.

Step 4: Now, copy ‘keygen’ and insert it into the installation folder.

Step 5: Operate the keygen as an administrator, as well as your activation will be effective.

List Of EaseUS Data Recovery Keys & License Codes 2021

Here are the codes and keys mentioned below for you to recover your lost data :


1. EaseUS Data Recovery Keys

  • 10U-OGA-0Q5-R9Q-7CA-JLV
  • 1901293-348020E-DISDFOSIOF
  • 14P-JHR-5BC-89A-H5Z-65B
  • 4OS-9H1-GRD-9ZB-KAY-B82
  • 1KC-9CO-TVE-1PG-ZHP-04F
  • 56Y5E-6UYR6-78UIH-FR678-IHT67

2. EaseUS License Code

  • 9C8-XLJ-EUL-SAX-W38-GX7
  • AL1-K1F-1Q7-JIV-GIR-68N
  • AJ0-M4O-0HS-4FF-A1S-RLT
  • C8XIP–2YHL2-39UMI-QVR56-4CI6L
  • BXG-12J-NVO-LSE-5XM-02P
  • 72F56-7YUFR-DE567-YUHE5-67UIH
  • 784UH-FR67U-HFD67-UIHF6-7UIHF

3. EaseUS Data Recovery License Code

  • E1I-WMZ-UZC-9B7-0U7-LN5
  • F8B-9L0-05F-AF7-4TX-DPI
  • E89237472-20W0W0-2929W-ERIE93I

4. EaseUS Free Activation Code

  • G1Z-OQ2-3NX-8YY-6DZ-CEE
  • G91-QF6-FQH-FXP-337-E7Q
  • FR256-78UR6-78UHF-DR67Y-UHGR6
  • JDFA–3LC03-2115S-D45GO-8TCLS
  • JDFLA–3LC03-2115S-D45GO-8TCLS

5. EaseUS Data Recovery Serial Key Free

  • PLN-VM5-YB4-38D-J5H-NXI
  • R7G-LNZ-Y68-NDR-76F-GSL
  • K35-68J-V09-DCX-0LQ-SR3
  • KSN-8H5-6TR-2OF-00N-D9Z

6. EaseUS Data Recovery Activation Key

  • XOS-3N6-5DR-P7I-QYQ-H6R
  • Y9R-42T-PC3-VEQ-UUD-R6W
  • DE3345678IUJHTREW234567

7. EaseUS Data Recovery Registration Code

  • UK1-6VV-J6K-DGG-4S2-HYA
  • V1A-B4P-FNX-IM2-X2K-JO1
  • UDE5-6YUGF-DE56Y-E67YU-FR556

Final Words

The EaseUS Data Recovery License Key cannot be obtained for free. When the trial period expires, the software ceases to function. So, one should purchase it from a market or organize it in any other way that is accessible. I hope these methods, codes & keys helped you in recovering your lost data.

iCare Data Recovery is an advanced utilities software that provide backup, recover, or restore lost data and files. iCare Data Recovery able to recover files from formatted drives, deleted partition, software crash, and infection files. It also can recover deleted files such as photos, documents, mp3, outlook file, office, hard drive, removable hard drive, SD card, Pendrive, and etc. Besides that, it also can reover formatted hard drive, MBR (Mast Boot Record) corrupted, bad boot sector, drive inaccessible, partition unreadable, partition deleted, software operation failure, and etc.

iCare Data Recovery comes with 3 scan main modes – Deleted Recovery Program which can recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin, Deep Scan recovery is an advanced recovery mode for any data missing such as reformat, raw drive, and etc., Lost Partition recovery that useful for recovery files from deleted partition or partition error no detect by operating system.

With iCare Data Recovery, user can simply recover files in few steps, first select the recovery type, then select the drive or files that wish to be searched, and then let software proceed scan. Once scan completed, it will list all files that can be recovered. Click on recover and next to confirm for process recover files.

Key Features of iCare Data Recovery Pro version:

  • Recover files from formatted partition, memory card, external drive, pendrive, USB drive, SD card, XD card, CF card, and etc.
  • Recover operating system that corrupted MBR and partition or USB not detected
  • Recover partition that accidentally deleted
  • Save drive that report RAW or error
  • Recover files from dynamic disk, RAID
  • Restore Data that missing without reason
  • Save Partition software that report failure
  • Recover data when lost due to resize partition, merge partition, copy partition failure
  • Restore photos, office files, zip files, rar files, emails, pdf files, etc
  • Reformat SD card, XD card, CF card, and etc.
  • Recover system cannot boot, cannot locate the boot partition, I/O error
  • Recover infected files that Virus attack
  • Recover files from FAT, NTFS partitions
  • Recover files from devices with unknown file systems including Hard Disk, external ZIP/USB drive, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, etc.

iCare Data Recovery Pro normally cost $69.99 for single license purchase. As part of Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday offer, iCareAll Inc. is giving away free iCare Data Recovery Pro to everyone begin today until 28 of November 2016 with no cost. So hurry up!

To grab the free iCare Data Recovery Pro, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Head to promo page from here.
  2. Click the “Download” button.
  3. Once finish download, launch the software and fill in the serial key code as below: JXFXA-UBTG3-GDIYC-PJ7CE-2NUYK-24VUS-33JPF-ECU3S
  4. Now enjoy the iCare Data Recovery Pro with full version.

If you’re here and the giveaway is over, you can download the free version from here or email iCare Recovery to get a discount.

Do Your Data License Code


  1. The version given away works same as iCare Data Recovery Pro full version being sold, but it limit for future update.
  2. The giveaway edition is lifetime and expire when reinstall software or lose it.
  3. The giveaway code only works with the download link from promo page.

Free Data Recovery License Key

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Data Recovery Pro License Key Free Download

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