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Motorola XiR P3688 - M3688 - P6620. MOTOTRBO Customer Programming Software (CPS) 2.0 is a Radio programming software for dealers and service technicians that configure the MOTOTRBO Radios. CPS 2.0 allows the user to access and program (Read, Write, or Clone) the codeplug of the MOTOTRBO subscriber and repeater in the available systems. Models TDFM-9000 /9200/9300/and TDFM-9100Type I and Type II. Download Motorola CPS Software and Cable Ordering Guide. Download the TDFM-9000 Code-Plug Info PDF, – This describes what codeplugs are used on what modules as listed above. Download codeplugs for APX 7000 (T30xx) and 8000 (T4000) RF modules. TDFM-9000 SERIES FACTORY DEFAULT CODEPLUG TEMPLATES.pdf – this file describes the factory default codeplugs for the T30xx RF moduels and analog RF modules. UPDATED 01-Jul-2021: Additional classroom training restrictions and mitigation measures have been implemented at our Motorola Solutions training facilities. We are currently following all active, regional Executive Orders when scheduling in-person classes or select Bundles Virtual & Instructor Led Classroom Training Options. See our Return to.

Updating to the latest firmware is a must. It contains some important bug fixes and keeps your radio up to date. The latest FW contains new features, extended programming options and occasionally, fixes to bugs. CPS 2.0 is now the recommended customer programming software for Motorola MOTOTRBO two way radios.

Tip: It is recommended you read this article until the bottom of the article.

Motorola MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 Programming Software

The latest version of MOTOTRBO CPS (Customer Programming Software) is CPS 2.0. We know that’s confusing because the old version is verison 16, right? Sort of. The previous version was V1 R16.0 Build 828. So it was actually version 1. Here’s a quick look at what you will see when you first open the MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 programming software – a blank page with nothing to program or see.

In order to program or configure your radio, you will need to “read” your radio or open a programming file (also known as a code plug).

Motorola MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 & Firmware Current Version

The table below contains the current Motorola MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 version as well as the respective versions of MOTOTRBO 2.0 firmware.

CPS 2.0 Software
VersionUK & Europe
CPS 2.0 User Guide
MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 User Guide
Latest CPS 2.0 Firmware Version
Compatible RadioFirmware VersionCodeplug VersionNotes
DM1000 (All Models)R01.20.02.000020.20.52
DR3000 & MTR3000R20.20.02.0621.00.06
DP1400 & SL1600R01.20.02.000020.20.52
DP4 (All Models)
SL4XXX (All Models)R02.20.02.000220.20.10
SLR Repeater (All Models)R20.20.02.0608.00.06

Old Motorola Cps Software - Ik6dio - HamRadio Page

Increment Error

Whilst we mention below (scroll down) that you need to be on the latest version 1, it turns out that an incremental update is now required R2.09.00.0001 to R2.10.09.0001, then R2.10.09.0001 to R2.10.10.x.

No Entitlement Error

If you receive a #110183 error that reads as the quote below, this means your device cannot be upgraded to R02.20.x and the newest version that it will be able to support is R02.10.x.


This has become so much of a problem, we have the following article that’s an MTM (Motorola Solutions Technical Notification): https://www.radiotronics.co.uk/blog/2021/02/motorola-solutions-mtn-0110-20-na/

[#110183] The Software Update Management police enabled on this device has expired and is not entitiled to be updated to the specified firmware version. Please contact a Motorola Solutions sales representitive for more information.

Motorola MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 Video

This is a great video that demonstrates various functions of CPS 2.0.

NOTE: Hidden Cotcha – Must Be On Latest V1.0 Firmware

Your MOTOTRBO radio MUST be on the latest version of 1.0 firmware to be able to upgrade to 2.0 firmware. That means that you cannot upgrade a DP4400 on really old firmware to 2.0 firmware without first updating it to the 1.0 latest firmware.

Note: If you have obtained the latest 2.0 firmware from us within the last 14 days and you need the old version 16 to get to 2.0, we will provide version 16 firmware free. Not outside 14-days.

The Current CPS 1.0 Subversion 16.x Version

Bearing in mind you will need CPS 1.0 subversion R16.8 to upgrade your old radios to the latest version of v1 firmware, you will also need CPS 1.0 subversion R16.8 and the firmware that corresponds to your radio.

Latest CPS 1.0 Subversion 16.x Software Version
GMVN51411.0 Subversion 16.8 (Build 828)
Latest CPS 1.0 Firmware Version
Compatible RadioFirmware VersionCodeplug VersionNotes
DP4 (All Models)
SL4000 (All Models)R02.09.00.000114.00.13
DR 3000
SLR 1000
SLR 5500
SLR 8000

CPS 2.0 Speed Issue

If you are having speed issues, this has been fixed in R2.26.203.0 version.

Download Motorola CPS Radio Software

We have written an article on speeding up CPS 2.0 which is no longer relevant as of CPS 2.0 version R2.26.203.0.