Adobe Premiere Old Film Effect

What you learned: Make modern video footage look like vintage film

How's it going everyone? In this video I show you guys how to fake the Super 8mm, vintage film look using some assets and color grading in Premiere Pro.♪ Int. This is an effect that is used to make alterations to the contrast, brightness. Here's a quick tutorial on how to create the old 8mm film look on your video footage. Mike shows the basics on this in Premiere Pro. Those of you who have.

Add a film preset

Adobe premiere pro cs6 old film effectAdobe premiere pro old movie effect
  • In the Color panel, click the Film preset. You can adjust the intensity by moving the slider at the bottom of the panel.

Adjust tint and temperature

  • On the Edit tab in the Color panel, use the Tint and Temperature sliders to give your video more of a green or pink film look.

Fade the film

Premiere Old Tv Effect

  • To make the video look older, drag the Faded Film slider to increase the fading of the image.

Reduce sharpening

Because today’s modern footage is sharp and detailed, reducing the image sharpness makes it look more film-like.

  • Drag the Sharpen slider to the left to make the video look softer.

Add a vignette

  • Drag the Vignette Amount slider to the left to add more black to the edges.
  • Drag the Vignette Feather slider to the right to soften the edges of the vignette.

Scale down and feather the edges

Another popular way to make footage look vintage is to scale down the image so that it appears to be projected onto a screen.

  1. Click the Crop & Rotate icon and then, in the Scale section, drag the Width or Height slider leftward to scale down the video proportionally.
  2. In the Advanced section, drag the Edge Feather slider to add a soft border to the video.

Tip: It’s optional to scale down and feather the edges of the video – it's all subjective.