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The Founder of the company, AK, comes from a digital content development background. “I started learning code back then when I had finished my high school, I’ve learned pretty much about web tools and how the internet works“. As an advocate for success, he has devoted himself to sharing ideas that can grow buddies  as he terms it. “These days the internet is full of tools, programmers are trying to simplifying almost everything for everyone, but a few buddies know about what works for them“. He brings that spirit to the team, sharing with entrepreneurs what and how they can utilize the internet and tools to better and grow their businesses.

MUSUUDI.CO LTD is a digital content development company with a team of business-minded professionals scattered all over the world. We create professional digital content including (Websites, Mobile Apps, Video Graphics, Image Graphics etc) and advise entrepreneurs what works best for their business. As our motto goes ~ “Supporting Success”, we provide enough expert support and ideas to entrepreneurs so to their businesses succeed.

We are committed to values to serve entrepreneurs better, we call them the 3 pillars of the company.

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Professionalism
  3. Leads

Entrepreneurs are hindered either by the quality of there idea, or the fear to get started, or both.

~ AK (Founder)

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